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Below here you will see a table with all the interviews and the links to download the videos. The download links will appear once the interview has been released.

Released Interviews
Speaker Interview Title Date Download Link
Mary Trosien Handling the speedbumps throughout the caregiver Saturday, January 15th Download
Nancy Huettig Effective Ayurvedic Practices Saturday, January 15th Download
Leslie Josel Creating order out of Chaos for Caregivers and Parents Sunday, January 16th Download
Maura Finn Self Care for the Caregiver Sunday, January 16th Download
Lisa Zawrotny Finding Joy in Being Present Monday, January 17th Download
Deborah Stellingwerff Mental Fitness - Finding Resilience Tuesday, January 18th Download
Dr. Seema Kanwal Being the CEO of Your Health and SelfCare Tuesday, January 18th Download
Connie Jorsvik Advanced Care Planning Wednesday, January 19th Download
Joseph Ghabi Soul Agreements - Clearing of Negative Emotions Wednesday, January 19th Download
Claire Maisonneuve NeuroFeedback - Calming your brain and resetting your nervous system. Thursday, January 20th Download
Sherry Strong Optimizing your Health with Nutrition Strategies Thursday, January 20th Download
Janika Maria Shifting your Emotional State Friday, January 21st Download
Dr. Ameet Aggarwal Addressing Burnout and Healing Generational Trauma with Family Constellations Friday, January 21st Download
Dr. Cecilia Shaw What would your body say if it could talk Saturday, January 22nd Download
Karen Tyrell Sould We Lie to People with Dementia? Saturday, January 22nd Download
Kelli Nielsen Turning Pain into Purpose Sunday, January 23rd Download
Sean Hancock Laughter for the Caregiver Sunday, January 23rd Download
Mark Venckeleer Live an Extraordinary Life by Creating the Space for Selfcare Monday, January 24th Download
Fawna Bews On the Other Side: From Caregiver to Patient Monday, January 24th Download
Chris Doucas Pragmatic Support approaches for the Primary Caregiver Tuesday, January 25th Download
Anna Doucas Emotional Support approaches for the Primary Caregiver Tuesday, January 25th Download
Tasha Doucas Host - SelfCare & Advocacy for the Caregiver Wednesday, January 26th Download
Manon Bolliger 90 Seconds to Emtional Resilience Wednesday, January 26th Download
Mandy Doman Music's effect on Emotional and Therapeutic Wellbeing. Friday, March 25th Download

Upcoming Interviews

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Speaker Interview Title Date Download Link

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