Avoid Caregiver Burnout!
Enhance your life and those that you support.

Our 20+ Esteemed Guests and Inspirational Speakers Include:

Mary Trosien

Certified Nurse Practitioner

Leslie Josel

ADHD Student & Parenting Coach-Order Out of Chaos

Mandy Doman

COO of Advanced Brain Technologies

Kelli Nielsen

Chief Encourager at The Grief Guru

Dr. Seema Kanwal

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at FIT TO TRAIN Human Performance Systems Inc.

Joseph Ghabi

Expert Blueprint Numerologist, Master Healer and Spiritual Leader

Deborah Stellingwerff

Coach, Speaker, Facilitator

Nancy Huettig

Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach, Therapist & Yoga Teacher

Dr. Cecilia Shaw

Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Sean Hancock

Founder / Owner of Recycled Minds Comedy

Sherry Strong

Founder of Living Immunity Supplements & Sweet Freedom Life

Maura Finn

Trauma specialist, energy psychologist, and multi-dimensional empowerment guide.

Lisa Zawrotny

Founder, Positively Productive Systems

Claire Maisonneuve

Owner/Director Alpine Counselling Clinic

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal

Naturopathic Doctor, Psychotherapist, Gestalt, EMDR, Family Constellations

Connie Jorsvik

Independent Healthcare Navigator and Patient Advocate

Karen Tyrell

Dementia Consultant - Educator - Author & CEO of Personalized Dementia Solutions Inc.

Janika Maria

Holistic Coach and Soul Guide

Mark Venckeleer

Professional Coach and Psychotherapist

Manon Bolliger

Deregistered naturopathic physician

Fawna Bews

Author, Coach, Healer at Fawna Bews Connects

Chris Doucas

Business and Sport coach, Mentor, Instructor

Anna Doucas

Certified Life Coach, Electro-Sound Lymphatic Therapist, Energy Healer, and Hypnotherapist.

Tasha Doucas

Caregiver Coach and Advocate, Speaker

And More!